Sunday, March 8, 2009

Photo a day - Day 46 - 49 (02/15/09 - 02/18/09)

Sun, Feb 15. - Ah, I love a clean closet! I purged a few pairs of shoes and now at least I can see all the ones I have!

Mon, Feb 16. - I've been wanting to put up a wall quote, but all the pre made ones are not good for me. So they had just the letters on clearence at BB&B. 75% off! SWEET!

Tues, Feb 17. - Beautiful clouds in the sky today!!
Wed, Feb 18. - President Obama was at the local high school today. Only a couple miles from my house. I wish I could have went. How exciting!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Photo a day - Day 42 - 45 (02/11/09 - 02/14/09)


Still taking my pictures. I guess the blogging thing is what I've got to get use to!

Wed, Feb 11. - The rain of the last couple of days is now done. This is the "lake" that forms outside of work every time we get any kind of rain!
Thurs, Feb 12. - Little treats I made for the people at work. Yellow cake with cream cheese frosting in little heart shaped pans. Cute huh?
Fri, Feb 13. - So much wine, so little time *sigh* The cold case at Frys.
Sat, Feb 14. - So, how did I spend my Valentine's Day?? Cleaning my closet of course!! And my dresser. Four bags of stuff that I donated.