Thursday, February 12, 2009

Photo a day - Day 38 - 41 (02/07/09 - 02/10/09)

Sat, Feb 7. - Thought I'd try to make these treats from Eh, they were ok. For as much chocolate that went into them, they weren't really that chocolatey. They'd be good with a bit of ice cream or whipped cream, but that defeates the good for you purpose ;)

Sun, Feb 8. - RAIN RAIN RAIN! YAYYYYYYYYYY. Rain was so great, it gets TWO pics. In the second pic you can kinda see the hail. Just a little bit, it didn't stick. But it's SO rare to see it here, I had to try!
Mon, Feb 9. - MORE rain! This was on my way home from work. I love it! The coldest spell we've had all year.
Tues, Feb 10. - A Valentine's gift from my Momma!! It's those gel window clings. Isn't it cute?!? I put it up in our window at work.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Photo a day - Day 34 - 37 (02/03/09 - 02/06/09)

Tues, Feb 3. - Mmmm...tried a new recipe this night. Chicken with grape tomoatoes, basil and caper. It was so easy and really tasty. I think I'll make it again tonight.

Wed. Feb 4. - Just a joke shot. The typical MySpace pic. I never even posted it.
Thurs, Feb 5. - YAY! Another Sex and the City movie!!!!
Fri, Feb 6. - Costco is offereing collages now, so I thought I'd order one. I picked it up on Friday. Not back for $2.99! It's 11x14.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Photo a day - Day 30 - 33 (01/30/09 - 02/02/09)

Fri, Jan 31. - Got my hair cut. I got about 8 inches cut off. I LOVE it. So nice and light. What do you think??

Sat, Jan 31. - Photo from my morning walk. The palm trees line the college a few blocks away.
Sun, Feb 1. - Super Bowl Sunday! All the people at our party, minus me. As usual, never in the picture! Tara, Yvonne, Chris, Nicole, Jason and Sarai. Fun times, even though the Cardinals lost. Not that I really care about the Cardinals. I did win $5 of my $10 back from the pool.
Mon, Feb 2. - Some RAK goodies from Michelle. Bo-Bunny stuff. SOOOOOOOO pretty! Thanks Michelle!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Photo a day - Day 26 - 29 (01/26/09 - 01/29/09)

I know, I know!! SO BAD ABOUT POSTING! But really, I think i've only missed one day of taking photos! I'm going to try to post four a day till I catch up!

Mon, Jan 26. & Tues, Jan 27 - My shot glass collection! My parents collected shot glasses when I was growing up, and it's something my sister and I have both continuted with. I get them everywhere I go and I get them from friends also. I even have some that are hand made. I currently have more than 70. You can send me some if you want ;)

Wed, Jan 28. - On my way home frow work. I feel like I spend half my live in traffice, even though it's not nearly as bad as it used to be for my commute. But I do feel like my car is always dwarfed by these big monsters!!

Thurs, Jan 29. - I FINALLY finished this book! Gah, it took me over a month. It never takes me that long! It was very good, but a little drawn out. Only read if you have the time to dedicate to it!