Wednesday, July 16, 2008

California here I come!

A week from tomorrow I'll be in California. I'm so excited. It's girls weekend. I'm not sure what is all planned. I know we are going to some wineries. Maybe white water rafting. I know we are going to Pluto's which is a GREAT place to eat. It's the only request I had for the weekend. We'll have our usual M&M cake. LOTS of drinks. LOTS OF DRINKS. I can't wait to see the baby either. Quinn is awesome. Love that baby. He's got such personality and such a happy baby.

I'm just so ready to be OUT of Arizona. Even if only for a few days. I miss the comfort of back. Having people I can call to have dinner with all the time. People are SO far away here. Even the closest people here are 25 minutes away. I hate it. I feel like such a hermit. I have started scrapping with some ladies from work a couple of Saturdays a month. They are very nice and it's fun, but they are all very much older than me and in different parts of their life. I don't know, I'm so conflicted on where I want to go from here. I want to save up some money, pay off some debts. I know I need to do that before I can do anything. I think it's time for a second job.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th of July

I love that it was on a Friday :) The week before was payroll and not a good one. So it was great that it was only a 4 day week. By the time Friday came, I needed it bad!!

It is Arizona and it is July so of course it was hot! I went over to my sister's for the day. We had a good time. There were 13 of us there. We made our party punch (lots of juice, fruit and alcohol), bbq'd hot dogs & hamburgers, had chili, pizza dip, bean dip, pudding, jello, potato salad, fruit salad, just all good summer stuff! It was a lot of fun. I think I ate enough I wanted to pop! THEN we had brownies for Jordan's birthday (which was the day before) because he doesn't like cake.

We spent a lot of the day out in the pool. The water is so warm at this point in the year it's not even really refreshing. They need a cooled pool instead of a heated one! But it's still better than being outside without a pool.

Nachelle brought her kids over and they are so funny. They were there in May and we got Jordan (4) to jump off the shallow side, but not Mayah (7). Well, this time they were both all about jumping in all over the place. And EVERY TIME: Jen, watch me. GOOD LORD. That gets old really fast. But they were good and had a blast in the pool. I'll put some pics in below.

I went home before the fireworks started. By their house and by my house they put them off. If you don't get off the streets early enough they get so backed up and I didn't want to sit in that. I usually watch the fireworks from my back porch. I have a perfect view of the college that puts them off a few blocks away. But it's SO hot to stand out there because there is no air circulation. So, I realized that if I sit at my new scrap desk and open the blinds, I have a perfect view! YAY!
1. Mayah & Jordan jumping in the pool
2. Me & Nachelle
3. Jordan, the birthday boy!
4. View of the fireworks from my house.