Sunday, January 3, 2010

New year, blogging?

Well, I hate HATE making resolutions, because I can never keep them. 1. Because I'm too lazy and 2. because I just don't care enough. But hey, I'll try to updated this more than, what, every 9 months?

NYE was fun. Hung out with the family, made drinks with Dad, had lots of tasty food.

New Year's day was horrible. Since I didn't sleep well that night, I was cranky, tired and still sick. So my Mom made me angry and I yelled at her. I hung out there a few more hours, just letting it fester and finally I was so upset and feeling badly that I just couldn't stop crying and finally just had to get out of there. I'm sure they all thought I was insane, running out of there with tears streaming down my face. I'm not a drama queen much, but I guess I got my moment out of the way early in the year.

Spent the 2nd going to the movies with Mom & Dad. I don't know why I ever thing we can get anywhere on time with Mom. Told her I'd be there around 1:30, we didn't leave the house till after 2, for a 2:30 movie that was more than 20 minutes away. Couldn't find a parking spot ANYWHERE. By the time we got into the movie, it had already started. Not sure how much we missed. Had to sit in the second row. Wasn't too bad after my eyes adjusted to the screen being there, but did have a sore neck the rest of the night. THEN my mom's cell phone goes off. AND SHE ANSWERS THE PHONE IN THE THEATER. I about died! She actually had a mini conversation with my sister. After the movie she said she didn't know the etiquette. WOW. Only my Mom. lol

We saw 2012 which was amazing. I LOVE disaster movies. I love seeing the special effects and the disasters. It was so good. And yes, I cried. I always do!!

Went back to my sister's house and stayed there till around 11. Had a frying party with their new fryer. Fried Twinkies, Oreos, PB&J, onion rings, mushrooms, hot dogs, potatoes. They were all so good! Thank goodness we did it outside, there was grease everywhere!

Parents left to go back home today. I'm sad to see them go, but it was time. I'm SO tired of driving over there every day. I need to kick this cold for my company this week! So today I did some house work, but mostly rested. It felt SO good!!!