Sunday, May 3, 2009

Photo a day - Day 50 - 55 (02/19/09 - 02/24/09)

Well, I obviously gave up on this project :( I just couldn't keep up. My life is way too boring for something like this!! But I did have some more photos to post that I did. So here goes!
Thurs, Feb 19, 2009 - About to go to bed and I hear the commotion outsite. There was a minor kitchen fire in the apartments accross the street. There were like five fire trucks and just as many cops!

Fri, Feb 20, 2009 - Goofing off at work. My first pic of my new haircut done curly. You like?? lol

Sat, Feb 21, 2009 - Grease movie party. Jason & I singing away!

Sun, Feb 22, 2009 - Shopping day! This is from right outside of Ulta. Beautiful day.

Mon, Feb 23, 2009 - SUPER BORING DAY. So you get to see my purse. EXCITING I KNOW. Team Jacob baby!

Tues, Feb 24, 2009 - Is there really any wonder why I am unhappy here?!? It's Feburay, and 85 in the SHADE. At four in the afternoon. Ugh.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Photo a day - Day 46 - 49 (02/15/09 - 02/18/09)

Sun, Feb 15. - Ah, I love a clean closet! I purged a few pairs of shoes and now at least I can see all the ones I have!

Mon, Feb 16. - I've been wanting to put up a wall quote, but all the pre made ones are not good for me. So they had just the letters on clearence at BB&B. 75% off! SWEET!

Tues, Feb 17. - Beautiful clouds in the sky today!!
Wed, Feb 18. - President Obama was at the local high school today. Only a couple miles from my house. I wish I could have went. How exciting!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Photo a day - Day 42 - 45 (02/11/09 - 02/14/09)


Still taking my pictures. I guess the blogging thing is what I've got to get use to!

Wed, Feb 11. - The rain of the last couple of days is now done. This is the "lake" that forms outside of work every time we get any kind of rain!
Thurs, Feb 12. - Little treats I made for the people at work. Yellow cake with cream cheese frosting in little heart shaped pans. Cute huh?
Fri, Feb 13. - So much wine, so little time *sigh* The cold case at Frys.
Sat, Feb 14. - So, how did I spend my Valentine's Day?? Cleaning my closet of course!! And my dresser. Four bags of stuff that I donated.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Photo a day - Day 38 - 41 (02/07/09 - 02/10/09)

Sat, Feb 7. - Thought I'd try to make these treats from Eh, they were ok. For as much chocolate that went into them, they weren't really that chocolatey. They'd be good with a bit of ice cream or whipped cream, but that defeates the good for you purpose ;)

Sun, Feb 8. - RAIN RAIN RAIN! YAYYYYYYYYYY. Rain was so great, it gets TWO pics. In the second pic you can kinda see the hail. Just a little bit, it didn't stick. But it's SO rare to see it here, I had to try!
Mon, Feb 9. - MORE rain! This was on my way home from work. I love it! The coldest spell we've had all year.
Tues, Feb 10. - A Valentine's gift from my Momma!! It's those gel window clings. Isn't it cute?!? I put it up in our window at work.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Photo a day - Day 34 - 37 (02/03/09 - 02/06/09)

Tues, Feb 3. - Mmmm...tried a new recipe this night. Chicken with grape tomoatoes, basil and caper. It was so easy and really tasty. I think I'll make it again tonight.

Wed. Feb 4. - Just a joke shot. The typical MySpace pic. I never even posted it.
Thurs, Feb 5. - YAY! Another Sex and the City movie!!!!
Fri, Feb 6. - Costco is offereing collages now, so I thought I'd order one. I picked it up on Friday. Not back for $2.99! It's 11x14.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Photo a day - Day 30 - 33 (01/30/09 - 02/02/09)

Fri, Jan 31. - Got my hair cut. I got about 8 inches cut off. I LOVE it. So nice and light. What do you think??

Sat, Jan 31. - Photo from my morning walk. The palm trees line the college a few blocks away.
Sun, Feb 1. - Super Bowl Sunday! All the people at our party, minus me. As usual, never in the picture! Tara, Yvonne, Chris, Nicole, Jason and Sarai. Fun times, even though the Cardinals lost. Not that I really care about the Cardinals. I did win $5 of my $10 back from the pool.
Mon, Feb 2. - Some RAK goodies from Michelle. Bo-Bunny stuff. SOOOOOOOO pretty! Thanks Michelle!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Photo a day - Day 26 - 29 (01/26/09 - 01/29/09)

I know, I know!! SO BAD ABOUT POSTING! But really, I think i've only missed one day of taking photos! I'm going to try to post four a day till I catch up!

Mon, Jan 26. & Tues, Jan 27 - My shot glass collection! My parents collected shot glasses when I was growing up, and it's something my sister and I have both continuted with. I get them everywhere I go and I get them from friends also. I even have some that are hand made. I currently have more than 70. You can send me some if you want ;)

Wed, Jan 28. - On my way home frow work. I feel like I spend half my live in traffice, even though it's not nearly as bad as it used to be for my commute. But I do feel like my car is always dwarfed by these big monsters!!

Thurs, Jan 29. - I FINALLY finished this book! Gah, it took me over a month. It never takes me that long! It was very good, but a little drawn out. Only read if you have the time to dedicate to it!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Photo a day - Day 17 - 25 (01/17/09 - 01/25/09)

Okay, so I've obviously been bad about blogging, but I'd been good about taking photos! So you get 9 days of photos in one post!
Saturday, Jan 17. - Spent most of Saturday scrapping. I had this magnetic board put up in my room. I decided to put my cards up on here. Cards from: Kim, Stephanie, Linda, Lesle, Mary & Leslie. I love them!

Sunday, Jan 18. - I usually spend Sundays cleaning something. This Sunday it was my bedroom. This is about as clean as it gets. I don't usually bother folding my blankets. Cause I'm lazy like that.

Monday, Jan 19. - I finally took down my Christmas lights today. I wanted to take a pic of them first, since my Dad put them up so nicely for me. I had the camera on the wrong setting, but I thought it turned out cool!

Tuesday, Jan 20. - HORRIBLE day at work. I do payroll and we had direct deposit issues and NO ONE got paid. Ugh. It had already been planed for Laura and I to go out after work, but I ended up getting really drunk. Her husband had to come get us. It was fun!

Wednesday, Jan 21. - I came home to a package in the mail! Coffee syrup from Kim! THANKS KIM! It's pretty tasty. In milk, NOT on ice cream!

Thursday, Jan 22. - Clouds rolled in last night and we got the first rain in a while. This is what was left late in the afternoon.

Friday, Jan 23. - Been on the lookout for Tofu Shirataki noodles, which were no where to be found. So I went to the new Asian market and I found them. They are odd. They have a strange texture that throws me off. I tried them in a black bean and garlic dish. I'll have to try them with a cream sauce or tomato and see how that is. Anyway, the Asian store was interesting. First, I don't think I've seen that many Asian people total the almost four years I've lived in AZ. Second,the smell. Just ick. And the check out lady was not nice. She didn't say anything to me the entire time she was ringing me up. Here is a pic of the refridgerator section.
Saturday, Jan 24. - Cleaned out the fridge. This is my sink full of meat. Seriously??? I don't even eat that much meat!! Gross!
Sunday, Jan 25. - Cleaned my kitchen today! WOOT. I love a clean kitchen. I just need to put the pots away.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Food changes

WOW. Two posts in one day!

Anyway, I'm really trying to get back on the weight loss train. I was really good this week, at least with the eating out. I'm going back to the only one day a week eating out. Friday is usually the day, but it was Monday this week. I cooked and brought my lunch the rest of the week. It wasn't a really great week though, because there were still so many sweets left over from my bday. But that's ok, slow and steady right?

I got the Hungry Girl book with one of my bday gift cards. It seems fun. I made my first recipe, Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge. It's different, for sure. But pretty good! I took it to work and my boss even liked it. So score there! I also went to the store and picked up a lot of stuff that was in her book. Low fat bread, turkey hot dogs, 100 calorie English muffins.

Yesterday for breakfast I made a healthy breakfast sandwich. Egg beaters, 2% cheese, Canadian bacon and the English muffin. It was pretty good! I also ate a banana. I've also made English muffin pizzas with turkey pepperoni, which is VERY tasty stuff. I made scrambled eggs with veggies this morning (mushrooms, onions, three colors of peppers). I had a turkey hot dog last night for the first time. It was good. I have to admit, I had to look up how to cook a hot dog on the Internet. I have never made one!! Crazy, I know.

I'm still on the lookout for the shirataki noodles that she talks about on her site. I've been to three stores with no luck so far. Maybe I'll have luck at the Asian market.

I took a big step and am trying to work more Splenda into and more sugar out of my diet. I took my sugar container and mixed it half and half, Splenda and sugar. I can't handle the flavor of pure Splenda, so I thought this was a good compromise.

I worked out three days this week. I'm going to go out in a bit for a walk to Target. It's about a 30 minute walk round trip, so that's perfect to throw in on the weekends. I'm going to try to get in at least 5 days a week. I need tobe better at work. My girlfriend at work has started working out with me after work, so hopefully we will be able to push each other.

I weighed myself this week for the first time since the beginning of December. At my lowest point, I had lost 40 lbs. I've gained 23 of that back. I'm so angry at myself. I know the first big part of it was medication, but still. The last bit is ALL crappy eating over the holidays and no exercise. UGH!

Photo a day - Day 16 (01/16/09)

Friday, Jan 16. - I'm SUCH a party girl. NOT. These pics are a typical Friday night at my house. Enjoying the newest issue of Entertainment Weekly and watching TV (this night, the premier of Friday Night Lights, WOOT!). I'm very excited that Kyle Chandler is back on my TV. I worked late, almost till 5. Then I went to two grocery stores looking for two things that I never found. Got home sometime after 6. Watched soaps, made dinner (a turkey dog and a salad), surfed the net, watched Private Practice, part of The Office (again), FNL. Went to bed about 9:30, read a bit (I'm never going to finish this book!!). Feel asleep before 10. Then I slept 10 GLORIOUS hours!!! I hope I can get that many again tonight, I need it so bad.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Photo a day - Day 13 - 15 (01/13/09 - 01/15/09)

Slight delay...I forgot to put my memory card into my camera, so I took pics on the internal memory. Then I had to find the cord for that. Easier said than done. Back to our regularly scheduled photoing!

Tuesday, Jan 13. - Monday was my last day of being bad. Went to Panda Express and picked up a few fortune cookies. This was my fortune. I'm waiting for it to come true. Or maybe it already is?? I am still employeed! THANK YOU GOD for that.

Wednesday, Jan 14. - Every morning when I get to work, two of my first visited websites are People.come and I'm always thrilled when my day starts out with a George Clooney sighting. In case you didn't know, he's my future lover!
Thursday, Jan 15. - Got off work early today, so that tomorrow I won't have any overtime. So I went shopping. Walmart, nothing. Michaels, not much I really needed, despite the $25 gift card I have. Walmart #2, score! Graphically Speaking and Storybook! I picked up both, not sure that I'll keep them both. We'll see.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Photo a day - Day 10 - 12 (01/10/09 - 01/12/09)

Saturday, Jan 10. - A busy day for me! Saturday I went to see Bride Wars with my friend Nachelle. Then we went to Chilis. I miss spending time with her. But since we don't work together, live on opposites sides of the valley and she is a single mom to two kids, it makes her time limited!!! I was over there till about 4:30, then went to Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond. Got a few things. Came home and checked the mail. I got an AWESOME photo calendar from Edie with great pics of both of our families in it. It's so cute. I love it. When I got home, the following was my project for the night. Tara & Chris were coming over the next day to hang a bunch of frames and shelves for me. So I needed to actually put pictures in the frames! My floor was a mess!

Sunday, Jan 11. - Happy birthday to me!! Tara & Chris came over at noonish. We made mojitos, hung up picture frames and shelves and my new Making Memories Embellishment Center (thanks MOM!). Then we went to Oreganos for a late lunch. I had the pesto pasta bake. They serve it baked in a bread bowl and I got it with sausage. And a bellini. Then cause it was my bday we got a cookie desert, half chocolate chip, half peanut butter covered with ice cream. DIVINE! We came back to my house and did presents and cake. SWEET!! So here are pics of my new pictures hanging, my shelf with things added quickly and a pic of the three of us at lunch.

Monday, Jan 12. - Today is when I start working out again! It was my last day of eating bad. So we went to Panda Express for lunch, and I had cake. Lots of cake. But I worked out! So it's a start. I had lost 40lbs at my lowest and I've gained back 24 of that. So horrible. I can't believe I let that happen. But back on the waggon!!! I HAVE to do something.

Anyway, here are some of my presents! These are what I got from Tara & Chris. I got two books (The Time Traveler's Wife & Tales of Beedle the Bard) and two CDs (OneRepublic and the Twilight Soundtrack).