Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Guilted into it!

Yes, I'm really only posting here because Cheri guilted me into it! Good job Cheri, I'm not usually the guilty type ;)

Started some Christmas baking last night. One of my GMs brought me one of those cookie mixes in a jar, so I had to make it. Even though I'm going to be doing ginormous amounts of baking in the next four days, I had to do it! They are pretty tasty. Not that I've eaten 10 of them or anything *hangs head in shame.*

So my baking list:
No bake cookies (thanks Heather)
Oreo truffles
Nutter Butter truffles
Pumpkin bread
Chocolate chip cookies
Peanut butter kiss cookies
Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies
Peppermint bark

I think that is all. I'm throwing a Christmas pajama party on Saturday. So far only three people are coming. I hope more do, since I'll have enough goodies for about 35 people. Anyone else want to come??? ;)

Because of this, I have given up hope on ANY kind of healthy stuff in the month of December. I have eaten out more in the last two weeks that I probably did in the two months combined before that. But January, I'm going to start again, I need to so something, my pants are getting tight again. All that hard work, down the drain. Ugh.


Amy said...

Mmmmmm. Cookies!!!

Let me know how the peppermint bark comes out. I tried one year to duplicate Williams' Sononama's with milk chocolate on bottom, white chocolate on top... but I found the white just chunked right off the milk chocolate. They didn't congeal or whatever the word is.

Leslie said...

I wish I was closer! I would have come to your PJ party!