Saturday, June 21, 2008

My summer DVD project

I decided that once all my regular shows ended this summer that I was going to start watching some of the DVDs I own. I have a million (well, not quite) TV on DVD seasons that I have bought that I've never watched. I'm feeling really stupid about that, so I picked a series and I'm going to watch all of it.

I picked Smallville. At that point I owned four seasons on DVD and hadn't opened any of them. I thought I had watched at least a couple of seasons fullying on TV, but when I started watching the DVDs I realized I've hardly seen any of them really. I figuered if I watched them at a good clip I could get though it all this summer. I started when I was staying at my sister's after the wedding and watched one whole season the week I was there. Then I didn't watch it for about a week. Today I started season 4. I think I'm going to get though it a LOT faster than I thought! I went on Amazon a couple weeks ago and bought seasons 5 & 6.

I'm trying to decide what I want to watch when I finish this, since I'll have a LOT of time when I finish it before regular TV season starts. My choices: Gilmore Girls, Dawson's Creek, Angel, Buffy, Roswell or The Simpsons. Now, I've seen pretty much every episode of DC, Angel & Roswell. I've seen the last few seasons of Buffy completely. I might tackle GG, becuase I think that's the one I haven't seen most of. Should fill up my summer!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Back on the workout waggon!

I was pushing myself too much with all the prep for my sister's wedding and getting my house ready for guests, so I stopped working out in the couple weeks leading up to the wedding. Then I was housesitting, then I was sick, then I went out of town. So I haven't worked out at all in at least 5 weeks. So I told myslef now that I am feeling (a bit) better, I would get back on the waggon this week and be strong. I would be working out 4 days a week again and watching my eating.

I didn't do badly in that time. I'm up only 1 lb in that time when I am thrilled about considering I was not working out at ALL and wasn't really watching what I was eating. But I'm trying to watch the calories again. I go to California in 7 weeks and I'd like to drop 15 lbs before then. I know that is ambitious, but I'm going to try. 10 lbs would make me happy and the 15 would make me thrilled.

I've worked out on Monday and Tuesday so far this week. Today will be my errand day then I will work out Thursday and Friday. It's too hot anymore for me to go for walks outside. Maybe if I wake up early enough on the weekends I can. But this morning when I left for work at 6:30 it was already 74 degrees. It's only going to get worse. We are supposed to be at 109 this weekend. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. Why did I move here again? Ugh.