Thursday, May 22, 2008

I HATE house sitting!

I'm on day 4 of my 8 days house sitting. I HATE IT. Let me list the ways!

- First off, it's so far away. My normal drive is 7 miles from work, their house is 20 miles. That's a big difference when gas is this high.

- I hate dogs. Well, I love their dogs of course, but I don't like being around dogs. Especially their dogs because they are so babied. They can't stay outside, I have to go RIGHT from work to let them out. And I think I'm slightly allergic. Laying it bed last night it was all I could do to not itch myself to death. Ugh.

- I miss my house :( Because I have to go right over after work I don't get to go to my own house. And since their house is like 20 miles from mine, it's just too far to go all the way to their house and then back to mine. I miss my bed, my computer, my scrap stuff. I haven't been alone in my own house in 7 days.

- Their computer is so virus infected it's ridiculous! You can't do anything without a million pop ups. And it delays everything. I was trying to load and look though photos and some folders take up to 10 minutes to open! I tried to fix it when I was there at Christmas, but it made the internet stop working so I'm not allowed to do anything any more.

- I've had to do 6 loads of towels, chase garbage around the backyard that was blowing everywhere and I'VE HAD TO CLEAN UP DOG POOP IN THE HOUSE THREE TIMES.

Woe is me. Yes, this is about as bad as the drama gets in my life. It's all I've got, which is a good thing. But I never get to whine, especially lately with everything being about the wedding. I just feel very dumped on and taken advantage of and I HATE it. My friends were here too and really I don't feel I got to spend quality time with them.


Michelle said...

I hope they're paying you a lot

Jessica E. said...

I would hate housesitting right now too because I am always happy right here at my own home regardless of the size of the housesitting house lol. I did like it when I was 19 but got tired of it after couple days though. lol