Sunday, May 4, 2008

Might as well document this

Finished painting my scrap room today. My wrists are KILLING me. Ugh. After all the painting, I think I should have made the trim white. Oh well, I DO like the color, of both the trim and the walls. It's a ton darker that I had started out wanting. I was having a hard time getting a proper photo, but my big camera did it. I should have used that one from the start. I also finally put together the storage cube thing I got at Target like four months ago. It's just been sitting in the box. It's white, so it will fit right in with all my other stuff.

I have this nasty old dresser that I need to so something with. I picked it up two houses ago. Who ever lived there before me left it and I kept it and drug it alone. It's ugly, cheap and is only good for hiding crap in. It would be better if I could paint it, but it would need big time sanding and I'm not good and that and I don't have anywhere to do it. I'm sure I could replace it at Ikea for $60. Or I could just go though the crap in it an throw it away/organize it.

Speaking of organization, I went though a box of crap that had been collecting for a while. I divided into smaller piles: recipes, clippings for scrapping, scrapping stuff, coupons, magazines, cards. I am trying to get all of my random recipes into a binder and organized. I also finally cleared some space in my cabinets to put my cook books and recipe cards. And they all fit, even with my odd sized cabinets!

I also went though my closet right next to my front door. I threw away some boxes. I don't know why I feel the need to keep boxes of things that 1. Are a million years old and I can't possibly return; 2. I don't own anymore; 3. Are broken already. I made a lot of room in there and put my card organzier in there (with all my blank cards that had been in a different box). I'll be putting more stuff in there once I get the rest organized.

I also need to decide on what camera I want to keep. I recently bought two smaller ones, since I broke my little one at the bachelorette party. I found a Fuji FinePix Z5fd on clearence at Target for $90. It's great, except it doesn't take SD cards, which is all I own. But it got great reviews at Amazon, and that was a great price. Even if I spend $40 on getting a memory card (or two). The other one I got was on clearence at Sears. It's a Casio Exilim Ex-V8. It's a seriously awesome camera and the same brand as my old one which I LOVED. But it was $170, even on clearence. And the warrenty was way more at Sears than at Target. So I need to make the decision if the Casio is worth more than twice as much as the Fuji. I had making camera choices :(

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