Sunday, February 8, 2009

Photo a day - Day 34 - 37 (02/03/09 - 02/06/09)

Tues, Feb 3. - Mmmm...tried a new recipe this night. Chicken with grape tomoatoes, basil and caper. It was so easy and really tasty. I think I'll make it again tonight.

Wed. Feb 4. - Just a joke shot. The typical MySpace pic. I never even posted it.
Thurs, Feb 5. - YAY! Another Sex and the City movie!!!!
Fri, Feb 6. - Costco is offereing collages now, so I thought I'd order one. I picked it up on Friday. Not back for $2.99! It's 11x14.

1 comment:

Leslie said...

food looks yummy!
another Sex movie...woot woot!
love the collage!
your hair looks great!
yeah that myspace inspired pic ;)