Thursday, January 15, 2009

Photo a day - Day 13 - 15 (01/13/09 - 01/15/09)

Slight delay...I forgot to put my memory card into my camera, so I took pics on the internal memory. Then I had to find the cord for that. Easier said than done. Back to our regularly scheduled photoing!

Tuesday, Jan 13. - Monday was my last day of being bad. Went to Panda Express and picked up a few fortune cookies. This was my fortune. I'm waiting for it to come true. Or maybe it already is?? I am still employeed! THANK YOU GOD for that.

Wednesday, Jan 14. - Every morning when I get to work, two of my first visited websites are People.come and I'm always thrilled when my day starts out with a George Clooney sighting. In case you didn't know, he's my future lover!
Thursday, Jan 15. - Got off work early today, so that tomorrow I won't have any overtime. So I went shopping. Walmart, nothing. Michaels, not much I really needed, despite the $25 gift card I have. Walmart #2, score! Graphically Speaking and Storybook! I picked up both, not sure that I'll keep them both. We'll see.

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Leslie said...

I think I just found two new cartridges to add to my wishlist!