Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Photo a day - Day 5 - 7 (01/05/09 - 01/07/09)

WOW. As if I didn't already know how boring my life is! Now I have pictures to prove it.
I shelved all the books I bought over the weekend. Well. Not only did I have some of those books already, I had TWO COPIES already of some of those books! So I did a bood cleaning of my book shelf and now I'm pretty sure I only have one of each book. I took a huge bag of books to work for the community book shelf. I also cataloged all the books I have, so that this won't happy again. Yeah, good luck that I'll keep up with that!

Four days till my birthday. And what do I have planed?? Not a damn thing. That makes me sad :( I love my birthday. No one else does apparently. I miss my friends back home, this would never happen.

I've been (pretty) good about taking the photos, but the blogging, no so much!

Monday, Jan 5th. Yep, a good repesentation of my day. I sat at my work computer and waited for payroll to come. Yes, I know. FACINATING!

Tuesday, Jan 6. Meet my SEXY new cell phone! Nokia 5310. It's got a music player, it plays the radio, IT HAS GUITAR HERO ON IT. Yes, it pretty much rocks. And it's red, my favorite color. I haven't had a red phone since my first phone, many moons ago!

Wednesday, Jan 7. Just another 70 degree Arizona winter day. Sigh. I know, some of you are jealous, but I'd rather it be in the 40's.

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